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pasta  at Mediterranea, Isla Ometepe, Selvista
perfect for romance, fresh baked bread, Mediterranea, Isla Ometepe

Mediterranea - Madronal

Situated across the road from Zopilote between Balgue and Santa Cruz, this quaint  Italian place serves pasta all day and fires up the wood-oven around 5.30 for unbelievable pizza in the evenings too. You can’t beat the ravioli or salchicha y brocoli pizza!

During peak season they also offer delivery service right up here at the house. Just contact them on Whatsapp before 7.30pm. *Sign up with the subject ‘password’ to unlock hidden pages with comprehensive contact lists of service providers on the island.

freshly baked pizza on a thin, chewy crust, Mediterranea, Isla Ometepe, Selvista
wood-fired, brick oven Mediterranea, Isla Ometepe, Selvista

The owners are a married couple, Ferdinando and Mariela, half Italian, half Nica. They spent time together training in cooking in italy and take great ride in their work. You can taste the love in every bite.

Whether it’s a romantic date, family outing or group dinner this place is perfect.